Every Child Deserves the Affection Only a Grandparent Can Offer

At The Law Offices of Michael P. Von Blon, we understand that visits with grandparents are a key part of a child's development. We also know that situations exist where the child of an unfit parent needs to be in a place where he or she is loved, cared for and nurtured. To ignore this can often lead to negative lifetime results. Although the law limits what rights grandparents may have, whether you, as a grandparent may have certain rights is  based on the unique facts surrounding your  fact scenario.  A thorough and detailed discussion may have to occur before a determination can be made by Michael Von Blon as to the options available to you as a grandparent.  We encourage grandparents to contact our office as soon as a concern arises for powerful representation focused on establishing or maintaining the well-being of a grandchild.

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