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Family law legal issues arise during both happy times  (when a couple decides to marry or have a child) and during sad times  (when spouses decide to separate). When families in Harris County, Texas and surrounding counties need a lawyer, many of them turn to The Law Offices of Michael P. Von Blon for sound legal advice from veteran attorney Michael P. Von Blon, a board-certified family law specialist since 1991, who has been licensed since 1981.

Divorce ● Child Relocation ● Prenuptial Agreements ● Protective Orders

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Mr. Von Blon has years of successful experience negotiating and litigating family law matters at all levels of the Texas court system, including the Supreme Court of Texas. With a dedicated and professional staff, Mr. Von Blon has worked through a variety of family law matters for his clients, including:

  • Divorce, both contested and uncontested, including alimony and property division
  • Pre and post-marital argreements between couples and legal separations
  • Child custody and visitation, including modification, relocation concerns and grandparent rights 
  • Child support obligations
  • Orders for protection in domestic violence cases
  • Paternity actions on behalf of mothers or fathers

For more information regarding divorce and its effects, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Knowledgeable Guidance in Texas Family Law Matters

The Law Offices of Michael P. Von Blon treats clients with the compassion and respect that they deserve. We begin each relationship by hearing our client's entire story, then asking questions to extract the details about the client's goals, fears and aspirations. Based on our decades of experience practicing family law in Texas, we can educate our clients as to the most likely outcome of their case. We then turn all our talent and skill towards meeting our client's goals and eliminating their fears.

We are a family law firm that understands the value of amicable resolution of family law disputes. We try to resolve cases efficiently to save clients’ money. Our firm is led by a board-certified family law specialist with more than 35 years practice in Texas courts. We invite you to contact us regarding any family-related legal matters, and can provide evening or weekend appointments when necessary.