If you live in a city that has a number of different courts, I strongly suggest that you take a day off, go the courthouse, and watch several trials. I do not suggest that you go into the courtroom before the judge that you will actually appear before in your case. Instead, watch a criminal case, a personal injury case, probate case, or a divorce case in another court. It is best to find a court that is actually conducting a trial, whether there is a jury, or a bench trial, or the judge is conducting a formal hearing, with the witness on a witness stand, counsel at counsel tables, and different witnesses.  However, when you are in the court that your case is in, if there is another proceeding going on at the time, pay attention to what is occuring and how the judge rules.  It can be valuable to you later on. 

Also,  Judges, just like people in general, have their own biases, prejudices, quirks, etc. Michael Von Blon has appeared before Judges throughout the state, and is familiar with the judges in your county.  He will provide you with that insight  so that you will feel more comfortable appearing before your specific judge, and so you will better understand the basis for that judge's rulings (or the reasons behind some of the advise that  Michael Von Blon may provide you). 

You cannot remake the facts of your case. However, by diligent preparation before you go to a hearing or  trial, you will enhance the probability that the court will look favorable upon the facts of your case.